Banner grommets are tiny and metal rings or perforations, which are used in signage such as vinyl, textile, canvas banners, stiff elastic signs, and rigid plastic yard symbols. Furthermore, they can be used in hangings and curtains in different forms and figures. Grommet is basically used to provide a secure and robust penetration such that something else can pass through. The well-protected hole prevents the use of curtains and other material without tearing. Printmoz banners allow people the option to have grommets

How are banner grommets made?

Banner grommets are made up of two pieces of metallic jewels that are placed on both sides of the material, such as canvas and grooved plastic. The rings are later compressed, forming a more lasting grommet. Grommets are much more durable compared to eyelets, which serve almost the same purposes. However, grommets are used where a strong, reinforced, and longer-lasting hold, like signage and heavy curtains, is needed. Although grommets can be made of rubber and plastic, metal grommets remain the best due to the purpose that they serve. They are also durable, thus preferred in yard signs and use in curtains. It is good to understand that the inner length of the hole defines the size of grommets. Printmoz give you the option of getting grommets or not.

How are banner grommets used?

Different types of banner grommets are used; differently, this depends on the material used to make them and the purpose of their use. Some of the commonly used banner grommets are:

Rubber Grommets

 Grommets made rubber helps to avoid the sharp edges towards the curtain or the material used. Such piercing tips can cause wearing or cutting the type of material used to pass through the hole. Regardless of the material used, may it be electrical wires or a string, rubber grommets are the best remedy for the tearing of this material. Also, rubber grommets prevent the cables for contamination from dust, water, or air.

Plastic grommets

 Plastic grommets, just like rubber, prevent sharp edges from piercing or tattering whatsoever from passing through the hole. In some cases, these grommets can be made of pure plastic, or just a coat of plastic is applied to another compatible material. These grommets further keep for contamination of the material passing through them from moisture, dirt, and air.

Metal grommets

Metal grommets are incredibly durable and thus preferred above rubber and plastic. The most common is the brass grommet. The toughness of these brass made grommets attached with the advantage that a cord or rope passed through them will not tease compared to others keeps their demand higher. Metal grommets rarely tear the material that passes through them.

When one Decides to purchase a banner, they have options of checking if they are already installed with grommets or they are perforated on purchase. In any case, therefore, the banner will need these grommets for proper hanging. Grommets are pressed from side to side of the banner material using an accuracy grommet device, thus creating a fitting hole. The grommets are put at a specific interval to bring uniformity to the banners.

Every grommet sticks to the vinyl actively; therefore, it helps to keep the holes free from spreading or ripping the banner ends off.

Grommets are made of different colors, thus giving a wide range of choices. The colors help people to match their banner grommets with their other house items that create uniformity and beauty.

Standard and automatically installed grommets.

Standard installed grommets

 Standard grommets are the earliest types of grommets to be made. They were hand-pressed using a small hand tool. This manual technique uses a pair of the grommet that is placed into the press by the user. After the two grommet parts are in place, the user presses the handle down punching the grommet over the vinyl and sticks it into place.

Automatic installed grommets

These types of banner grommets are made of automatic powered machines, which not only simplifies the output but also escalates the production volume of banner grommets production. This material of the banner is placed under a safety guard and put to a laser light that shows the position in which the grommet will be stamped. A foot lever is used to activate every single grommet fitting automatically and faster.


With banner grommets, one can suspend their banners in a fence, a wooden panel face, or any other position as long as it will be clearly visible. You can use a single cable in one grommet until you achieve a presentable outlook of your banner. It is good to know that how you hang your banner speaks even before one can read the intended message. Therefore, it is of crucial importance to use a well-perforated banner which will help you in setting your banner. To use the banner grommets effectively, one needs an understanding of what is the best material to go for. A banner that will be hung for a more extended period where there is the wind will totally use a different grommet from a banner grommet that just serves a day or two.